Annie’s works have been the subject of dedicated exibitions only twice, one in 1923 when she was 79 and one 2018-2019, 84 years after her death. Both were held at Manchester Art Gallery.




Images: from display at Manchester Art Gallery.

Pictures identifiable are Capri, Cupid and Psyche, David and Jonathan Fenwick, Elizabeth Williamson at Wemmergill, Lady by flowering ivy, Mater Triumphalis, Mrs A. Scott-Elliot and Children, New Risen Hope (Tate version), Oceanid, Oreads, The Soul’s Journey: The Soul’s Awakening, The Southing of the Sun, as well as otherwise unknown pieces.

2018-2019 EXHIBITION

This exhibition ran from 26 February 2018 to 6 January 2019 with 28 paintings on continuous display, several of them on loan from private collections.


The works on continuous display were:

  1. An Italian Mother and Child
  2. Jebsa
  3. Susan Isabel Dacre
  4. The Reverend William Gaskell
  5. The Tryst
  6. The Letter
  7. The Town of Siena
  8. Through the Orchard
  9. The Dreamer
  10. The Convalescent
  11. Cupid and Psyche
  12. Oreads
  13. Oceanid
  14. Illusions
  15. The Sense of Sight
  16. New Risen Hope (Tate version)
  17. The Debutante
  18. Geoffrey and Christopher Herringham
  19. Count Zouboff
  20. Margaret and Chrystian Guthrie
  21. Mrs A Scott-Elliot and Children
  22. The Southing of the Sun
  23. The Barren Fig
  24. Capri
  25. Italian Landscape
  26. The Olive Gatherers
  27. Dame Millicent Garrett Fawcett
  28. Montagna Mia

There was in addition a pencil drawing, Head of a young man, in a cabinet. and The Vagrant was temporarily on display during the earlier part of the exhibition. Two pieces by Susan Isable Dacre were also included, XXX and XXX. (A further work by Dacre, Two Italian Mothers, is on permanent display in another room in the gallery.)