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Annie’s paintings – portraits, landscapes and symbolist works – have been the subject of dedicated exibitions in 1923 when she was 79 and in 2018-9, the ‘Painting Light and Hope‘ retrospective held 84 years after her death. There was also a ‘Portraits by Mrs Swynnerton‘ exhibition in 1924 at Manchester and an exhibition of nineteen works at The Alpine Club, London, in 1956.




Images: from display at Manchester Art Gallery.

The thirteen identifiable pictures are:

The Equestrian Portrait of Lady Mercy Marter was also there, listed as no. 40 (information from Christie’s web site).


74 St Audley StThis exhibition was held at the premises of The Alpine Club, 74 South Audley St., Mayfair, London W1 – the club was based there from 1937 to 1990.

Why the exhibition was held here is unknown. The club did not have a particular reputation as an art venue, unless works were connected with mountaineering.




The catalogue has a copy of the ‘1931 photograph,’ showing the full extent of that otherwise unknown canvas.

Images: Art Gallery of New South Wales.


22.  ELIZABETH FEEDING THE PEACOCK; 17 ins. by 11 ins.

23.  THE LATE MRS. CHARLES HUNTER; unfinished; 42 ins. by 40 ins.  Lent by Sylvia, Lady Grant Lawson.

24.  THE STRIPED PINAFORE; 19 ins. by 15½ ins.  Exhibited at the Exhibition of British Painting at the National Gallery, 1940.  Signed, Annie L. Robinson.

25.  LISTENING TO MUSIC [PORTRAIT OF LOUISE GARRETT]; 32 ins. by 32 ins.  A ‘Portrait of Miss Louisa Garrett Anderson, C.B.E., seated at a table reading a book,’ 31 x 32 inches, is listed in the posthumous studio sale catalogue.

26.  W.H.W. AND PONY AT HILL HALL [1910]; 24 ins. by 30 ins.  Lent by Miss Williamson.

27.  HEAD OF W.H.W. [1910]; 24 ins. by 27 ins.

28.  THE RESTIVE HORSE [ISLE OF MAN]; 18 ins. by 20 ins.

29.  THE FIG TREE AND LAKE; 19 ins. by 27 ins.  Not ‘The Barren Fig,’ which is 500 x 290 mm, but interesting to see that another picture of the same subject existed.

30.  HEAD OF E.M.W. [1907]; 21 ins. by 18 ins.  Lent by Miss Williamson … a study for the painting in the Tate Gallery.  The study of the head of Elizabeth Williamson donated to the Tate in 2013 is a smaller work, 14 x 12½ inches.

31.  THE WHITE DRESS; 72 ins. by 40 ins.  Signed, before the artist’s marriage, Annie L. Robinson.

32.  STUDY FOR “VENUS RISING FROM THE SEA”; 20 ins. by 21 ins.  Two studies for “Venus Rising from the Sea” are listed in the posthumous studio sale catalogue, lots 126 and 128.

33.  TRYING ON HER MOTHER’S HAT; 14½ ins. by 8 ins.  Lent by Mrs. Hugh Thomas.

34.  THE PORTRAIT OF MRS. A. M. WARREN AS A CHILD [1872]; 29 ins. by 24 ins.  Lent by Mrs. Warren.

35.  THE PINK FROCK; 21 ins. by 26 ins.  Lent by Miss Craies.

36.  STUDY FOR A PAINTING; 20 ins. by 18 ins.

37.  A CHILD IN A BLUE FROCK; 17½ ins. diam.

38.  A LITTLE GIRL, SEATED ON THE GROUND; 24 ins. by 26 ins.  Lent by Miss Turner.

40.  THE WHITE PINAFORE; 24 ins. by 26 ins.  Lent by Miss Turner.

41.  PETER ON GREY DAWN; 96 ins. by 60 ins.  Lent by Sylvia, Lady Grant Lawson.

Sincere thanks to R. L. at the library of the Art Gallery of New South Wales for the scans of the 1956 catalogue.


This exhibition ran from 26 February 2018 to 6 January 2019 with 28 paintings on continuous display, several of them on loan from private collections.



The works on continuous display, in clockwise order around the exhibition space, were:

  1. Italian Mother and Child.
  2. Jebsa (Roma Lady).
  3. Susan Isabel Dacre.
  4. The Reverend William Gaskell.
  5. The Tryst.
  6. The Letter.
  7. The Town of Siena.
  8. Through the Orchard.
  9. The Dreamer.
  10. The Convalescent.
  11. Cupid and Psyche.
  12. Oreads.
  13. Oceanid.
  14. Illusions.
  15. The Sense of Sight.
  16. New-risen Hope (Tate).
  17. The Debutante.
  18. The Young Gardeners (Geoffrey and Christopher Herringham).
  19. Count Zouboff.
  20. Margaret and Chrystian Guthrie.
  21. Mrs A. Scott-Elliot and Children.
  22. The Southing of the Sun.
  23. The Barren Fig.
  24. Capri.
  25. An Italian Landscape.
  26. The Olive Gatherers.
  27. Dame Millicent Garrett Fawcett.
  28. Montagna Mia.

There was in addition a pencil drawing, Head of a young man, in a cabinet. and The Vagrant was temporarily on display during the earlier part of the exhibition.

Two pieces by Susan Isable Dacre were also included, A View in Venice and Lydia Becker. A further work by Dacre, Two Italian Mothers, is on permanent display in another room in the gallery.

Gwenny Griffith’s portrait of Annie was also displayed.