In the background, to the right, is a windmill overlooking a body of water. Swynnerton may have taken inspiration from a legend linked to a local landmark, a windmill that once overlooked the banks of the river Irwell at Peel Park, Salford. The windmill was the meeting place of a son of the local landowning Stanley family and a miller’s daughter. Separated by social conventions, the lovers took their own lives … With thanks to Danny Morrell’s unpublished research on the windmill and legend.” (Text from notice by painting while on loan to Manchester Art Gallery, Feb 2018 to Jan 2019.)

The picture by Miss Robinson, entitled the “Tryst,” or the “Salford Lass,” has been purchased by Mr. Henry Boddington, Jun., for presentation to the Art Gallery at Peel Park, Salford. Sheffield Independent, 29 Dec 1880, p4.

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