The Tryst (1880).

The Tryst (The Factory Girl's Tryst) (3)

The windmill in the background (on the woman’s left at shoulder level) may refer to a Manchester legend about two lovers, one a lowly miller’s daughter, the other the son of a man of property, who took their own lives rather than live apart. (Information from notice by picture in while on loan to Manchester Art Gallery, 2018, the story of the legend credited to unpublished research by Danny Morrell.)


2018-06-16 105602 Manchester - The Tryst

2018-06-16 105650 Manchester - The Tryst - face

2018-06-16 105726 Manchester - The Tryst - hands

2018-06-16 105802 Manchester - The Tryst - windmill

2018-06-16 105704 Manchester - The Tryst - signature

Photos: J. Russell.



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