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Sense_Sight_200x200This website showcases the works of Annie Louisa Swynnerton, the late-19th and early-20th century portrait, landscape and ‘symbolist’ artist, presenting all works for which images can be found from visits to galleries and other locations where her paintings can be viewed, and from various sources on the internet.

Capri-400There are just forty-three paintings of Annie’s in public collections, plus a few in private collections and sales showrooms which have allowed public access, a total of fifty-one in all. Images of an additional thirty-six paintings can be found in old newspapers, auction catalogues and elsewhere, bringing the total to eighty-seven (including ‘attributed’ works), although many of these additional images are of poor quality.

Of these pictures only a handful are landscapes, yet after Annie’s death a third of the almost three-hundred paintings found in her studio were landscapes. All were auctioned off a few months later, mostly to disappear forever.

It would be wonderful to rediscover some of Annie’s lost paintings.


Can you help?

If you know of any works of Annie, or believe you may own one, do contact me at the address below. Any image, ideally taken with a good quality digital or mobile phone camera, is welcome. If the owner wishes it, I would be happy to visit and photograph any works myself to use on this website.

Email me at: Jonathan Russell (swynnerton.blog@gmail.com).

No personal information regarding ownership or location will ever be displayed on this website and no such information electronically retained by myself. Original emails will be permanently deleted from my email server after retrieval so that there will be no electronic trail to image origins.

I am an amateur artist myself (there are a few of my scribbles here) and have taken an interest in Annie’s work for many years. Professionally I work in the healthcare sector with a special interest in supporting older people with dementia and related conditions.

Jonathan Russell