Where Shattered Mountains Lie (1930) and The Soul’s Journey: The Soul’s Awakening (1930-2).

Where Shattered Mountains Lie (1930)

Where Sheltered Mountains Lie

Image: www.artnet.com.


The Soul’s Journey: The Soul’s Awakening (1930-2)

The Soul's Journey - The Soul's Awakening.jpg

Image: Glasgow Museums Resource Centre (via artuk.org).


Where Shattered Mountains Lie was called ‘Where Sheltered Mountains Lie’ in the 1994 Christie’s sale,  an error repeated on auction aggregate sites (www.artnet.com, www.auctionclub.com, www.blouinartsalesindex.com). However, ‘Shattered’ is the word used in a reference to the painting in The Scotsman, 9 May 1930, commenting on an exhibition at the Royal Academy, and in the 1934 posthumous studio sale catalogue.

The Soul’s Journey: The Soul’s Awakening is listed in the 1934 studio sale catalogue (although without the extended title), with a note that it was exhibited at the Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, and in Manchester in 1932. Where Shattered Mountains Lie is also listed in the catalogue.

Not dates for The Soul’s Journey: The Soul’s Awakening are given on museum or other web sites, but given that it was exhibited in 1932 and resembles the 1930 painting Where Shattered Mountains Lie, the period 1930-2 seems appropriate.

The mountains in the background of A Soul’s Journey and Where Shattered Mountains Lie can be seen to be overlapping parts of the same range, which can be reconstructed by combining the two images.

Mountains & Soul's



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