The paintings are listed together because they both depict the same mountain range and the general treatment appears similar.


WHERE SHELTERED MOUNTAINS LIE (sometimes misnamed ‘Where Shattered Mountains Lie’ on auction aggregate sites [Blouin, Artnet], but the name in the 1934 studio sale catalogue is ‘Where Sheltered Mountains Lie.’)

  • Medium: oil on canvas.
  • Dimensions: different sources give different sizes, 1270 x 660 mm (0.84 m²), 1256 x 648 mm (0.81 m²) and 1245 x 635 mm (49 x 25 in, 0.79 m²), the width/height proportions being the same (less than 1:50 difference), and the average dimensions being 1257 x 648 mm (0.81 m²).
  • History: 1920-1930; earlier 1920s?; signed and dated 1930 according to auction aggregate sites (Blouin), but relationship to The Soul’s Journey, which is dated to 1925 or earlier, makes a compositional date of the earlier 1920s possible; auctioned 14 Jun 1991; 3 Jun 1994; 11 Aug 1994; Christie’s, London, 20 Oct 1994, est. £400-£500, sold £396.
  • Location: unknown.

Copyright Glasgow Museums / Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation


  • Medium: oil on canvas.
  • Dimensions: 1613 x 1003 mm (1.62 m²), unframed.
  • History: earlier 1920s?; exhibited 1923, Manchester Art Gallery (visible in exhibition photo); mentioned in the The Manchester Guardian, 2 May 1925, as on display at the Royal Academy, and called “The Soul’s Journey“; “Exhibited at the Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, Pa., U.S.A. Exhibited Manchester 1932(posthumous studio sale catalogue); auctioned Christie’s 9 Feb 1934; given to Glasgow Museums by Francis Howard, 1952; also known as “The Soul’s Awakening.”
  • Location: Glasgow Museums Resource Centre.

The mountains in the two paintings form a continuum, suggesting that they were painted during the same period, perhaps the early 1920s, in spite of The Soul’s Journey being signed and dated 1930. It is known that Annie would work on pictures over extended periods, meaning years could elapse between original composition and final working.


The images combined suggest the figure in The Soul’s Journey could have originally been more central and the canvas to have been truncated, or that Where Sheltered Mountains Lie may have similarly once been a larger work, or that both are based on a now lost panorama of the mountain range.

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