Images: taken with permission at Lorfords Antiques, Tetbury, Gloucestershire.

1933 image

Image: Royal Academy Illustrated, 1933.

The label on the back confirms the title as beginning with “April…”, but water damage has obliterate the rest of the writing. There does appear to be an apostrophe, so I’m using the title April’s Lady, as in the 1933 publication, not April Lady, which is used in 1900 (and which may have been a different work). Annie’s address is given as “1A. [The] Avenue,” a location off Fulham Road, London.

  • Media: oil on canvas.
  • Canvas 305 x 480 mm (0.15 m²), frame 455 x 580 mm.
  • History: exhibited (“April Lady”, this painting?) Woman’s Exhibition, Earl’s Court, London, 1900, no. 1443, valued at £36 15s 0d (about £4,500 at 2021 value); exhibited Royal Academy, 1933, “April’s Lady”; Lorfords Antiques, sold 18 Aug 2021, “Cleaned and relined oil sketch, in its original heavy gilded oak frame.”
  • Location: unknown.

Special thanks to Grant Waters for locating and forwarding the Royal Academy Illustrated images, and to the staff at Lorfords Antiques. Tetbury, Gloucestershire, for their assisstance.