Above images kindly sent by current owner, an experienced collector with previous experience of Annie’s work, and who comments, “I think the stretcher and canvas on my painting pre-date 1930 by some twenty years or so. I also think the vigorous brushwork suggests a hand of less than 85 years … it may have had a little re-working in 1930 but I think it is about 1910 in date.”

Illustrated in Royal Academy Illustrated, 1930.

3 thoughts on “A ROSE FROM MY GARDEN.

  1. G. W.

    Hello, I own this painting. It is indeed 20 x 16 inches canvas size and is on its original stretcher. Although it is signed and dated 1930 verso I think this work is nearer to 1910 in date. I have seen another painting of the same girl previously. My understanding is that late in life ALS signed quite a few of her previously unsigned pictures, hence several appear to date from when she was in her mid eighties. Regards …


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