The Fenwick portraits (1901-1917).

On the Terrace

Image: private contribution.

On the Terrace (Portrait of Violet Edith Fenwick).

This is surprisingly difficult to date, anywhere from c. 1901 to 1917, the period of Violet’s marriage to George Fenwick or just before, with the sitter being anything from in her mid-twenties to late-thirties. As there are no children in the picture, earlier would seem likely, but if ‘the terrace’ is that of Temple Dinsley, the old manor house which the couple bought in 1908 and had substantially enlarged, then it could be much later. (Temple Dinsley was sold after the divorce and is now a private school.)

The couple had four children, Charles (born 1896, who sadly died in a fishing accident in 1909), David (1910), Jonathan (1911), and Rachel (1913). The suggested dates for the pictures below are based on estimates of the children’s ages in each picture.

Charles Fenwick


Charles Fenwick (c. 1906).

David and Jonathan Fenwick


David and Jonathan Fenwick (c. 1914).



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