THE SENSE OF SIGHT (Liverpool) and THE SENSE OF SIGHT (Summerfield Collection).

There are two versions of this image, the one in Liverpool Art Gallery, dated 1895, and another formerly in the Summerfield Collection, dated 1898. The latter is called The Angel of the Annunciation in the Summerfield Collection auction catalogue in 1989, but The Sense of Sight when auctioned again in 1992. Both auctions were by Christie’s.















From the Liverpool Mercury, 31 August 1895: “The Sense of Sight … is the first picture of a set of four which the artist has designed to illustrate the senses … one of the most impressive pictures in the whole [Liverpool Autumn] exhibition.

  • Media: oil on canvas.
  • Dimensions: 1010 x 873 mm (0.88 m²).
  • History: signed and dated, 1895; sold for £250 (approx. £35,000 at 2020 value; Liverpool Mercury, 2 Jan 1896); presented [to the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool] by Charles J. Procter in 1896; exhibited Royal Scottish Academy, 1911; Glasgow Institute, 1915; Manchester Art Gallery, 23 Feb 2018 to 6 Jan 2019.
  • Location: Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.

THE SENSE OF SIGHT (Summerfield Collection).


Image: unattributed source.

  • Media: oil on canvas.
  • Dimensions: 1030 x 890 mm (0.92 m²), Christie’s 1989 and 1992.
  • History: signed and dated, 1898; auctioned Christie’s, London, 2 Nov 1989, “The angel of the Annunciation / provenance R.E Summerfield,” sold; auctioned Christie’s, London, 12 Jun 1992, “The Sense of Sight / Signed dated lower right / Notes: Inscr. S/label/verso.”
  • Location: private collection.

Comparing the two, the major differences are the colour of the cloth, shoulder-line and upper arm modelling and the waistline decoration.

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