Image: Angus and Rosemary’s Miscellany
of Malvern

Image: detail from a gallery curatoral file (the whole image is not reproduced here because of possible copyright issues, and in any case details of the face are obscured by overprinted text).

Truth, 26 Apr 1900: “[At the New Gallery] “Thou Unrelenting Past” (No. 37) Mrs. A. L. Swynnerton gives another of those morbidly elaborate studies of old age which are now only too frequently seen in our picture shows.

The painting on display at the McCulloch home, early 1900s. Image: Angus and Rosemary’s Miscellany of Malvern.

From American Art News, vol. 17, no. 21 (1 March 1919): “a portrait study of an old peasant woman by Annia Swynnerton, the technique delightful, the color warm and rich and the human appeal irresistible.”

In The Evening News, 24 October 1933, the title is given as “The Unrelenting Path.”

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