Alpine Club Exhibition, 1956 – new works and web site revisions

SINCERE THANKS to Robyn Louey at the Art Gallery of New South Wales for sending scans of a catalogue (possibly the only copy in existence) of an exhibition of Annie’s works at the Alpine Club in 1956. See the EXHIBITIONS page for details.


As well as details of pictures unknown before, this has also added a little to what is known about Annie’s works:

THERE’S BEEN a bit of a rush of new information – three ‘new’ paintings identified, details and images of a fourth on the way (early next week, all being well), imminent visit to see Mater Triumphalis, plus the 1956 exhibition catalogue information. Quite a bit of web site updating to do which will probably take months, bit-by-bit, but any major announcements/finds will always be in these mailings.

FOR SOME REASON I though that ‘Where Shattered Mountain Lie was properly called ‘Where Sheltered Mountains Lie,’ a title used on some auction aggregate sites, but the former title is correct.

Jonathan Russell

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