Agathonike, Daughter of W. Craies Esq.

Agathonike, Daughter of W Craies Esq

Agathonike Sabina Craies (1885-1947), daughter of William Fielden Craies (a London barrister) and Euterpe Ionides, herself daughter of Manchester cloth-merchant and art collector Constantine Ionides. Agathonike would have been aged about 6 or 7 at the time of the portrait.

The image above is taken from the Illustrated London News, 21 May, 1892, which says of the painting, ‘Mrs. A. L. Swynnerton’s … portrait of Mr. W. Craies’s child … is full of vivacity and childlike grace, and combines with facial resemblance the more often absent qualities of an artistic composition.’

Exhibited in the New Gallery in 1892, with the description ‘pink frock, with blue background.’

Agathonike’s grandfather, Constantine, was a passionate art collector with a particular love of the works of Annie’s friend, George Frederick Watts. The latter painted numerous portraits of the extended Ionides family. On his death, Constantine left the bulk of his collection of over 1000 paintings to the Vistoria and Albert Museum, including portraits by Watts of Agathonikes mother, Euterpe, and grandmother, also called Agathonike.

Agathonike   Euterpe

Agathonike Ionides and Euterpe Craies portraits by G. W. Watts, Victoria and Albert Museum.

Photos: J. Russell.




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