A new work: A study of hands

A work titled ‘A study of hands’ was sold by auction yesterday in London. The saleroom staff kindly allowed me to photograph and study the painting before the sale.


Technically it is an ‘attributed’ work because of no recorded provenance, but it has all the hallmarks of Annie’s later paintings and the framing and labeling was all as it should be, so 100% happy with this one.

On a personal note, was fortunate to meet the buyer in the showroom, an exhibiting Australian artist, and had a very enjoyable talk about the frustrations of painting and sketching. They were familiar with Melbourne Art Gallery where Annie’s finished version of New-risen Hope is kept, until now the only known ‘Annie’ in the southern hemisphere. It was wonderful to meet the new owner and know it was going to a home in the art community ‘down there.’

For full details of the work, click here.

Jonathan Russell


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