‘New’ portrait of Dame Millicent Garrett Fawcett.

A portrait of Dame Millicent Garrett Fawcett has appeared briefly on a dealer's web site, but has since been removed. This appears to be the 'other' portrait of Dame Millicent, as listed in the posthumous studio sale catalogue, 1934, a slightly smaller version than the one acquired by the Tate in 1930. It is listed …

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Thank you / web site development

Thank you, everyone, for the assistance to pay the web/domain fees. This keeps the address as http://www.annielouisaswynnerton.com, not a long-winded WordPress address, and keeps the site ad-free and with all the current features. I'd actually forgotten that Buy Me a Coffee actually charges 5% to 10% on each donation, depending how it's made, but thanks …

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‘April’s Lady’ sold.

A sketch by Annie was recently for sale at Lorfords Antiques, Tetbury, Gloucestershire. Thanks to Grant Waters' work combing through old copies of Royal Academy Illustrated and forwarding images, the painting can be identified as April's Lady, exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, 1933, and appears to be completely unaltered. Image: http://www.lorfordsantiques.com. A work …

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‘The Lady in White’ acquired by the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia.

DELIGHTED to learn that The Lady in White, auctioned at Christie's, London, in 2018, has been donated to the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia by the Campbell-Pretty family. Restoration has removed scratches and other marks previously visible in auction house images. Before restoration ... ... and after. Images: National Gallery of Victoria. Jonathan Russell

Page created for ‘Armored Angel with Boy’

A PAGE WITH DETAILS has been created for the 'winged soldier comforting a boy' painting from The El Helou Collection Christie's auction, 1999. I've decided on the title Armoured Angel with Boy as more descriptive of the image. The boy appears to be garlanded, which suggest some nymph-like figure, although this would be a bit …

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