Two more ‘new’ Swynnertons – essay – web site updates.

RATHER SURPRISED THIS HASN’T POPPED UP BEFORE with all the web searches I’ve done – a portrait of Alice Woods (1911), on the Brentford and Chiswick Local History Society web site.

Alice Woods WM

According to the web page, it was believed destroyed when the Maria Grey Training College (closed 1976 and site redeveloped) where it hung was damaged in an air raid in 1941.

And another one … Lorna, daughter of Henry Martin Esq. (1893), published in the Illustrated London News, June 23, 1894, p793. Alerted to this one by a copy appearing on Ebay. While the illustration of the painting gives an idea of the original, it inevitably does not have the emotional impact of Annie’s actual work that even a poor quality photograph can give – her attention to fine detail, especially the eyes and the modelling of the limbs.

Lorna WM

THERE IS A FINE ESSAY on Annie’s life and work by Rebecca Milner, curator of Fine Art, Manchester Art Gallery, at, published there November 2018.

WITH THE NEW INFO COMING FORTH, plus a message from the Museé d’Orsay that Mater Triumphalis will be on display in September when I visit (so should have some good pics), I’m going over the web site again, page by page, refining the presentation. Google web searches for ‘Annie Louisa Swynnerton’ now bring up this site fifth, after Wikipedia, the Tate and two ArtUK pages, but it comes at the top in Yahoo, Bing and searches (would prefer it to come after the ‘proper’ sites, but there you go), so one wants to do the best one can to represent Annie and make sure all the relevant links and references are in order.

Jonathan Russell


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