Portrait of Emma Woods sold / ‘Ottoman Scene’ by Frederick Swynnerton for sale in the US.

ANNIE’S PORTRAIT OF EMMA WOODS was sold by auction at Mellors & Kirk, Nottingham, 12th July. Staff kindly let me have a close look at the piece, and there are some new photos of details on the web page. As is often the case, the quality of the work really stands out when seen close to, especially the overall modelling of the facial features and fine detail in the eyes. It was painted about the same time as The Sense of Sight, which shows similar attention to detail.

The number of works by or attributed to Annie known by image now stands at 131 (although eleven of these are only small, very blurred images from 1923 exhibition photographs and at least two others are of poorly-evidenced attribution).

A NEW WORK BY FREDERICK SWYNNERTON (1858-1918, Annie’s brother-in-law) has come up for auction in the United States – Peterborough Auctions, New Hamshire, 30 July – a fine-looking piece entitled ‘Ottoman Scene,’ although it might benefit from a little restoration.

There are articles about Frederick at …

Jonathan Russell

One thought on “Portrait of Emma Woods sold / ‘Ottoman Scene’ by Frederick Swynnerton for sale in the US.

  1. Do you know anything of the artist Eleanor Susannah Wood, a fellow member of the society of female artists and Manchester Academy of Fine Art?
    I am researching her as the establishment seems to have forgotten her.

    [Reply sent.]


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