Corrections to the 1934 catalogue. Mater Triumphalis.

ON THE  ‘POSTHUMOUS STUDIO SALE OF 1934 page I’d written that Annie’s Cupid and Psyche, now in Oldham Art Gallery, was one of the lots sold off. It was not. The one in the 1934 sale, lot 57, was a larger and now lost work. The Oldham version was acquired by the gallery in 1892.

Also, lot 82, a portrait of Millicent Garrett Fawcett, is (probably) not the painting now in the Tate. The latter is stated on the Tate web site to have been bought in 1930 and is larger than the one listed in the studio sale catalogue. It’s possibile the date on the Tate web page is a typographical error – I’ve noticed other errors on their site – but I think unlikely in this case.

[Correction Mar 2023: lot 82 now believed to be the Portrait of Dame Millicent Garrett Fawcett which is now property of the Palace of Westminster.]

OFF TO PARIS AGAIN in the second week of September to visit Annie’s Mater Triumphalis, currently on display in room 59.  I hope it’s still up, this being my second attempt to see it!

Apart from simply wanting to see the painting close up, I am curious about the marks on the figure’s right hip and legs. These marks aren’t apparent in a 1920s photograph – unless the latter was deliberate touched up for appearance’ sake.



If anyone happens to visit to the Musée d’Orsay before me, I’d be very happy to receive photos to study these details more closely and to post on this web site –

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