A new image / re-identifications / Pink Dress images / Annie-Joseph similarities

AN IMAGE HAS BEEN FOUND for the Portrait of Bessie, wife of Colonel Massy in a publication called Royal Academy Illustrated, published in 1927 (and put online by Banasthali University, India). Not of great quality, but an image all the same.


THE SAME PUBLICATION identifies a painting held by Aberdeen Art Gallery under the title Landscape with trees, to be The Gulf of Spezia, one of the paintings listed in the posthumous studio sale catalogue, and has been renamed as such on this web site.

1927 illustration / Aberdeen Gallery

THERE ARE IMPROVED IMAGES for A Rose From My Garden, kindly forwarded by the current owner of the picture.


SUSAN ISABEL DACRE’S Choir of Children has been renamed Singing Children, as it is assumed to be the work exhibited under this title at the New Gallery, London, 1889.


LOOKING THROUGH OLD CATALOGUES, noted a similarity between Annie’s paintings and her husband Joseph’s sculptures in the early 1890s.

1891: A Pastoral / Cupid and Psyche.   1892: Spring / Mater Triumphalis.

Jonathan Russell

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