New images and identifications #2

THE LAST FOUR of the images kindly provided by Mr. Grant Waters, including a new view by Annie of the Sabine Mountains.

The total number of works by Annie now known by good or moderate quality image is one-hundred-and-eleven (assuming A Dream of Italy is a single work), plus four attributed and thirteen poor quality images from the 1923 exhibition photographs (two of which many not be works by Annie).

LITTLE VISITORS AND NUDE IN LANDSCAPE are no longer ‘attributed.’ That classification was placed on them by myself, but having become more familiar with Annie’s works over the past three years I’ve no strong reason to doubt their attribution. Little Visitors (exhibited Royal Academy, 1882) may be the work entitled The Visit in The Graphic Christmas Number,  1883.

THE PINK FROCK is renamed Portrait of Agathonike Sabina Craies. The idea that the original name was ‘The Pink Frock’ came from the Alpine Club 1956 exhibition catalogue, where it is assumed to be the painting ‘lent by Miss Craies.’ This could have been another work, though, so have reverted back to the title used in The Illustrated London News illustration, 1892.

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