THE BLUEBELL WOOD (attributed).


Image: adapted from

‘Attributed’ because of no provenancial information on auction web sites and described elswhere as ‘style of Annie Swynnerton’ (see below).

  • Media: oil on canvas.
  • Dimensions: 15×23″, 584 x 381 mm (0.22 m²).
  • History: undated and unsigned; placed at least four times (18 Aug 2007, 1 Dec 2007, 15 Mar 2008, 19 Sep 2008) at Michael J. Bowman auctioneer, Newton Abbot, but withdrawn on each occasion. A work, “Bluebell Wood,” was also placed and then withdrawn at auction twice, 28 Jun 2008 and 22 Aug 2008, at an unidentified auction house (information from auction aggregate sites), described as “Style of Annie Swynnerton – oil on canvas, Bluebell Wood, 17″ x 24″, bearing label verso and numbered stretcher.” Although the given size is larger, this may be the same work (auction house sizes are sometimes inaccurate), or it may be the frame rather than canvas size.
  • Location unknown.

3 thoughts on “THE BLUEBELL WOOD (attributed).

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