Montagna mia translates as 'mountain mine.' Medium: oil on canvas. Dimensions: 1.83 x 1.12 m (2.1 m²). History: c. 1923 (, 1923 (notice by painting, Manchester Art Gallery); Annie Louise Swynnerton bequest to Manchester Art Gallery, 1934; exhibited Manchester Art Gallery, 23 Feb 2018 to 6 Jan 2019. Location: Manchester Art Gallery.  


Photos: Jonathan Russell. Medium: oil on canvas. Dimensions: 482 x 1016 mm (0.49 m²). History: c. 1880-1889? (dating very uncertain, but 'ALR' monogram indicates not after c. 1889, the date of Annie's marriage to Joseph); in original frame with original gilding; purchased from A. E. Anderson by the Royal Academy with the Edward Stott Fund, …

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