‘Portrait of a Young Italian Man’ sold at auction.

Annie’s Portrait of a Young Italian Man sold today at Roseberys Fine Art Auctioneers, London. It is signed ‘Annie L. Robinson,’ and has the appearance of an early work, not having the liveliness of her later pieces. My personal estimate being to place it around 1870.

I didn’t have the opportunity to visit the auction, so have to rely on online images. The surface appears to have suffered a little in recent years and would definitely benefit from a professional clean to bring out the beauty of the piece. A careful inspection might even reveal a date at the bottom right or hidden behind the frame.

If the current owner happens to read this web page, I’d be delighted if they were able to send me some close-up images if the piece, particularly of the eyes and signature (and date if there is one), at swynnerton.blog@gmail.com. Communications are treated in absolute confidence, and no details of location or ownership of privately held works is ever given on this web site.

Jonathan Russell

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