Thank you / web site development

Thank you, everyone, for the assistance to pay the WordPress/domain fees. This keeps the address as, not a long-winded WordPress address, and keeps the site ad-free and with all the current features. There was a small surplus of £10, which has been donated to Manchester Art Gallery.

It’s three-an-a-half years since I went to see The Sense of Sight at Liverpool, only to discover it was on loan to Manchester, and hence discovered the extraordinary exhibition of Annie’s works on display there during the year-long retrospective in 2018.

Then began the quest to find more images of her works, which developed into this web site. It has been a wonderful journey, finding myself in contact with gallery curators, private owners wanting to share their works or find out a bit more about them, dealers, artists, writers, even actors (including an amazing experience being involved in a play being written about gallery life in Manchester – thanks, Vicky).

I don’t research the subject so intensively any more, but wish to keep the site going to publicize new discoveries. Every few months or so a new work tends to appear, usually at auction, or someone contacts me regarding a work they own. In two cases I’ve been in the happy position of being able to confirm the identity of privately held works as being by Annie, and the owners have kindly forward images to showcase on this site.

I intend to tidy up the site again, but it will be an occasional project over several months. I look forward to seeing where new discoveries take me, and will continue to share these things on this site. lives on!

Jonathan Russell

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