Susan Isabel Dacre

Susan Isabel Dacre (Dodd, 1908)) 500
Portrait by Francis Dodd, 1903. Dodd was a close friend of Isabel, calling her ‘Auntie Susie.’
Susan Isabel Dacre (1880) 500
Portrait by Annie Swynnerton, 1880.

Susan Isabel Dacre was Annie’s friend. They met at Manchester School of Art and travelled and lived on the continent together, sharing homes and studios. They collaborated closely both artistically and politically. Both were active supporters of the rights for woman campaigns of the time. One of Annie’s finest works is the portrait of her friend that she painted in 1880.

Artistically, Isabel, as she was commonly called, was a portrait and landscape artist, not stretching into the symbolism of Annie.

Francis Edgar Dodd - Susan Isabel Dacre (Richard Taylor Fine Art).jpg

Image: Richard Taylor Fine Art.

The above portrait by Francis Dodd was painted c. 1929, when the sitter was aged about 85.