Biographical snippets – 1880-1889


30 Nov to 3 Dec 1880First Exhibition of the Society of Women Painters.

“THE SOCIETY OF WOMEN PAINTERS. – … gave their first exhibition of pictures yeasterday in the studio of the president, Miss S. Isabel Dacre, at Barton House, Deansgate …” (The Manchester Evening News, 1 Dec 1880).

29 Dec 1880Annie and Isabel in Italy – “Miss S. Isabel Dacre and Miss Annie L. Robinson, two of the most prominent members of the Manchester Society of Women Painters, have gone to pass the winter and pursue their studies in … Italy. The picture by Miss Robinson, entitled the “Tryst,” or the “Salford Lass,” has been purchased by Mr. Henry Boddington, Jun., for presentation to the Art Gallery at Peel Park, Salford …” (Sheffield and Rotherham Independent).


Marriage to Joseph Swynnerton – “In 1883 [Annie] married Mr Joseph W. Swynnerton, the well known artist” (The Queen, 15 Mar 1890, p371).

Nov 1883Third exhibition of the Society of Women Painters – Annie living in Rome.

… It is a great pity [Isabel Dacre’s] portrait of M. Guillaux, a captain in the French artillery, arrived from France too late for the autumn exhibition … [He is] standing in an easy attitude, but still erect, as becomes the soldier, and looking straight at the spectator. He holds a cigarette in one hand, and there is an entire absence of pose or stiffness in the figure, which is characterised by the most masculine simplicity … It fulfils Fromentin’s great requisite of a good figure – it has a back to it … it is difficult to speak too highly of Miss Dacre’s really remarkable contributions as a whole.

The Guardian, 22 Nov 1833.

“… Miss Robinson, who is now living in Rome, sends several interesting works [to the third exhibition of the Society of Women Painters] …” (The Guardian, 17 Nov 1883).