Women exhibitors at the Royal Academy, 1880-1883 (the period of the Manchester Society of Women Painters before Annie’s move to Rome).

The purpose of this list is to highlight artists who are (1) female and (2) who live well away from London, and who tend therefore to be more ignored in art histories. Geographical information is taken from the indexes of the 1880-1883 catalogues, although this is only ever a rough guide to where artists lived or worked. Annie, for example, nominally a ‘Manchester’ artist, lived in Rome for much of her career, and at other times lived in London and Hampshire.

The early 1880s was a significant period in European art in general, being a time when the Impressionists were starting to drift apart as a cohesive group to follow their own paths, followed by the innovations of Post Impressionism and Art Nouveau, and ultimately to increasingly challenging work leading right up to Cubism and other ‘abstract’ art. A scouring of the lists below will demonstrate styles ranging from old-school ‘classical’ to Impressionism and beyond, as well as many quieter, domestic artists content to simply portray the world around them in straightforward representational methods.

Note that this isn’t a heavily researched list, and study of individual artists may show them to be more accurately placed in different geographical groups. Also, there are a number of typographical errors and inconsistencies in the Academy texts, such as occasionally refering to women by their husband’s names or lack of hyphens, and therefore alphabetical misplacing, in normally hyphenated names. I’ve given what I believe to be the appropriate versions of names according to modern conventions, with alternative names or errors in squared brackets.

Manchester artists:

  • BREAKELL, Miss Mary L.
  • DACRE, Miss Susan Isabel.
  • MORGAN, Mrs. S. Louisa.
  • ROBINSON (later SWYNNERTON), Miss Annie L.

Other ‘northern’ artists:

  • HASTLING, Miss Annie E. (Sheffield, Yorkshire.)
  • JAMISON, Mrs. A. (St Helens, Lancashire.)
  • MARSHALL, Mrs. Rose. (Leeds, Yorkshire.)
  • MENZIES, Mrs. (Hull, Yorkshire.)
  • PARKER, Miss Sybil C. [or Sybil O.] (Clitheroe, Lancashire.)
  • PEEL, Miss Maud. (Clitheroe, Lancashire.)
  • RAWSLEY, Mrs. Edith. (Ambleside, Westmorland.)

Scotland, Wales, Ireland:

  • GREENLEES, Miss Georgina M. (Glasgow, Scotland)
  • MACAULAY, Miss Kate. (Capel Curig, Caernarfonshire, Wales.)
  • CURRY, Miss Fanny W. (Lismore, Ireland.)
  • SWAN, Miss Alice C. (Cork, Ireland.)

Southern England:

  • AMYOT, Miss Cathinea. (Diss, Norfolk.)
  • BINNS, Elizabeth J. (Worcester, Worcestershire.)
  • BOLTON, Mrs. L. (Mrs. R.) (Shepton Mallet, Somerset.)
  • BUTLER, Mrs. Elizabeth. (Plymouth, Devon.)
  • DEANE, Miss E. (Bath, Somerset.)
  • EASTLAKE, Miss Elizabeth R. (Plymouth, Devon.)
  • FIELD, Miss Frances. (Oxford, Oxfordshire.)
  • FORSTER [FOSTER], Miss Mary. (Holt, Wiltshire.)
  • GODFREY, Miss L. M. (Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.)
  • GOODWIN, Mrs. Kate M. (Mrs. H.) (Brighton, Sussex.)
  • GRACE, Miss F. L. (Brighton, Sussex.)
  • GRACE, Miss Harriet Edith. (Brighton, Sussex.)
  • GRACE, Mrs. E. M. (Mrs. A. F.) (Amberley, Sussex.)
  • GRIFFITH, Miss Kate. (Winchfield, Hampshire.)
  • GROSE, Miss Milicent S. (Oxford, Oxfordshire.)
  • GUILLEMARD, Miss Mary F. (Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.)
  • HALDANE, Mary. (Milford, Surrey.)
  • HARBUT, Mrs. E. (Bath, Somerset.)
  • HAYLLAR, Miss Edith. (Wallingford, Berkshire.)
  • HAYLLAR, Miss Jessica. (Wallingford, Berkshire.)
  • HAYLLAR, Miss Mary. (Wallingford, Berkshire.)
  • HODDER, Mrs. Charlotte. (Worcester, Worcestershire.)
  • HOLMES, Miss Rhoda. (Coventry, Warwickshire.)
  • HUME, Mrs. Edith. (South Harting, Sussex.)
  • JOHNSON, Mrs. A. H. (Oxford, Oxfordshire.)
  • LAWSON, Mrs. Constance. (Haslemere, Surrey.)
  • LEADER, Mrs. Mary. (Mrs. B. W.) (Whittington, Worcestershire.)
  • MAY, Miss Kate. (Dunster, Somerset.)
  • MOORE, Miss Jennie. (Godalming, Surrey.)
  • MORGAN, Miss Mary V. (Birmingham, Warwickshire.)
  • MORICE, Miss A. A. (Brenchley, Kent.)
  • NICHOLS, Miss Catherine M. (Norwick, Norfolk.)
  • NORMAN, Mrs. Caroline H. (Devonport, Devon.)
  • PARSONS, Letitia Margaret. (Frome, Somerset.)
  • PASLEY, Miss L. (Southampton, Hampshire.)
  • PATMORE, Miss Bertha. (Hastings, Sussex.)
  • PILSBURY, Miss Elizabeth. (Leicester, Leicestershire.)
  • PITMAN, Miss Janetta R. A. (Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.)
  • RAYNER, Miss Louisa. (Chester, Cheshire.)
  • ROBSON, Miss Henrietta. (Brighton, Sussex.)
  • ROSSITER, Mrs. Frances. (Mrs. C.) (Uppingham, Rutland.)
  • SADLER, Miss Kate. (Horesham, Surrey.)
  • SHAPLAND, Mrs. Ellen. (Brighton, Sussex.)
  • SINGER, Miss Amy M. (Frome, Somerset.)
  • SMALL, Miss Florence. (Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.)
  • STANTON, Miss Rose E. (Stroud, Gloucestershire.)
  • STARLING, Miss Marion A. (Brighton, Sussex.)
  • TAYLOR, Miss Lizzie. (Birmingham, Warwickshire.)
  • TOWNSEND [TOWNSHEND], Miss Patty. (Nuneaton, Warwickshre.)
  • WITCHELL, Miss Lucy. (Stroud, Gloucestershire.)
  • WOODS, Miss Ellen M. (Clifton, Bristol.)

Greater London:

  • ALMS-TADEMA, Mrs. Laura Theresa; ARCHER, Miss Janet; ARMSTRONG, Miss Elizabeth A.; ARONSON, Miss Meta; ATKINS, Miss C. J.; BACKHOUSE, Miss Mary; BAKER, Miss Alice E. J.; BALLANTYNE, Miss Edith; BARLOW, Miss Hannah Bolton; BARRABLE, Mrs.BEAL, Miss Annie L.; BELL, Miss Ada; BESNARD, Miss Charlotte; BINNS, Miss Francis R.; BISSCHOP, Miss Kate; BLACK, Miss Emma L.; BLACK, Miss Emma; BOWDEN, Mrs.; BOWKETT, Mrs. Jane M. (Mrs. C. Stuart); BRANDARD, Miss Annie E.; BRETT, Miss Rosa; BRIDGES, Miss Fidelia; BROCKELL, Miss Jeanie F.; BROOKER, Miss Catherine P.; BROOKS, Miss Maria; BROUGHTON, Miss Emily J.; BULLEY, Miss Georgina E.; BUSK, Miss E. M.; BUTLER, Miss Clehorow Caroline; BUTLER, Miss Mary E.; BYWATER, Miss Elizabeth; CALLARD, Miss Lottie; CANTON, Miss Susan R.; CAPPER, Miss Edith; CARPENTER, Miss Dora; CHAMBERS, Miss Alice May; CHAPLIN, Miss Alice M.; CHAPLIN, Mrs. A.; CHARLTON, Miss Catherine; CLACY, Miss Ellen; COLIN-LIBOUR, Mde.; COLLIER, Mrs. Marion (Mrs. J.); CONOLLY, Miss Ellen; COOPER, Mrs. Emma; CORKRAN, Miss Henriette; CORNELISSEN, Miss Marie; CROCKFORD, Miss Gertrude; CROSLEY, Miss Edith A.; CRUICKSHANK, Miss C. G.; CUBITT, Charlotte (Mrs. L.); CUTHBERT-COOPER, Mrs. Mary; DARCY, Miss Laura; DE GUÉRIN, Mrs. A. L.; DE LA COUR CARROLL, Miss Jane; DE LACROIX, Mdme.; DE L’AUBINIÈRE, Georgina M.; DE SATUR, Miss F.; DE STEIGER, Madame Isabel; DEALY, Miss Jane M.; DICKINSON, Miss Lilian; DICKSEE, Miss M. J.; DIXON, Miss A.; DREW, Miss Mary; DUBOURG, Miss Victoria; ELEY, Miss Mary; ELMORE, Miss Edith; EPINETTE, Madamoselle; FAWCETT, Miss Emily Addis; FENNESSEY, Mrs. Emily. (Mrs. R. J.); FENTON, Miss Annie Grace; FERGUSON, Miss Marion; FILDES, Mrs. Fanny. (Mrs. L.); FOLKARD, Miss Elizabeth; FOLKARD, Miss Julia B.; FOX, Mrs. Eliza Bridell (born Fox, ‘Bridell Fox’ on first marriage, reverted to ‘Fox’ on second marriage to a cousin of the same original family); GAUNTLETT, Miss Gertrude; GEMMELL, Miss Mary; GIOLI, Francesca; GOODMAN, Miss M.; GOW, Miss Mary L.; GRAHAM, Miss Florence E.; GRANT, Miss Mary; GREENAWAY, Miss Kate; GRIESBACH, Miss J. A.; GUINNESS, Miss Elizabeth S.; HAANEN, Miss Adriana; HAGHE, Mrs.; HALE, Miss Ellen D.; HALSE, Miss Emmeline; HANBURY, Miss Ada; HANBURY, Miss Blanche; HARDING, Miss Mary; HARMAN, Miss G.; HARMAN, Miss Harriette; HARRISON, Miss Maria; HASTIE, Miss Grace H.; HAVERS, Miss Alice; HAWKSLEY, Miss Florence; HEATON, Monica; HICKSON, Miss Margaret; HIPKINS, Miss E.; HOPKINS, Mrs.; HOWARD, Miss A.; HOWSE, Miss Kate [Miss C.]; HUNTER, Miss Elizabeth; INGLIS, Miss Jane; JACKSON, Miss Emily E.; JACKSON, Miss Emily F.; JENKINS, Miss Anne; JENKINS, Miss Blanche; JOPLING, Mrs. Louise; JOYCE, Miss Mary; KELLER, Miss Fanny H. M.; KENWORTHY, Miss Esther; KING, Miss Elizabeth T.; KNAPPING, Miss Helen; KOBERWEIN, Miss Rosa; KOBERWEIN-TERREL, Mrs Georgina. [Miss]; KONDRUP, Miss Katinka; LEVY, Miss Julia M.; LEWIS, Miss F.; LINDSAY, Miss Violet; LOVERING, Miss Ida; LUCCHESI, Andrea C.; MACARTHUR, Miss Blanche; MACGREGOR, Miss Jessie; MAGUIRE, Miss Helena J.; MANLY, Miss Alice; MANNING, Miss Eliza F.; MARRABLE, Mrs.; MARTIN, Miss Mary; MARTIN, Mrs. Florence; MARTINEAU, Miss Edith; MARTINEAU, Miss Gertrude; MARTINEAU, Mrs. Clara (Mrs. Basil); MAY, Miss Margery; M’CALMONT, Ethel; MERRICK, Miss Emily M.; MERRITT, Miss Anna Lea; MEYER, Margaret; MILLER, Miss J. J. A. J.; MONTALBA, Miss Ellen; MONTALBA, Miss Henrietta S.; MONTALBA, Miss Hilda; MONTALBE, Miss Clara; MOORE, Miss Madena; MORTLOCK, Miss Ethel; MOTT, Miss Alice M.; MUTRIE, Miss Annie F.; NAFTEL, Miss Maud; NEWCOMBE, Miss Bertha; NEWMAN, Mrs. Charlotte J.; NICHOLL, Mrs. Agnes R.; NICHOLSON, Lady Evelyn Louise Nicholson (née Olivier); NIGHTINGALE, Miss Agnes; NORTH, Mrs. J. A. (Mrs. S. W.); NORTH, Mrs. S. W.; NOTTIGE-FRY, Mrs. Caroline (Mrs. S.); NOYES, Miss Dora; NUTTER, Miss Catherine M; OGDEN, Miss Jane; OSBORN, Miss Emily Mary; PARKER, Ellen G. [Miss PARK, A. G.]; PERUGINI, Mrs. Catherine ‘Kate’ Elizabeth Macready; PFEIFFER, Mrs. Emily; PHILLOTT, Miss Constance; PITCAIRN, Miss Constance; POCOCK, Miss M; PULVERMACHER, Miss Anna; RAE, Miss Henriette A; RAPPARD, Miss Clara; REASON, Miss Florence; REDGRAVE, Miss Evelyn; REID (or REED), Miss Flora M.
    RHODES, Mrs. E. J.; ROSENBERG, Miss Ethel J.; ROSHER, Mrs. G. B.; RUST, Miss Beatrice Agnes; SAVILL, Miss Edith; SCANNELL, Miss E. M. S.; SCOTT, Amy; SCOTT, Miss Alice M.; SCOTT-SMITH, Miss J.; SEELEY, Miss Ellen; SHELLSHEAR, Miss Alicia J.; SHUTER, Miss Agnes; SIMPSON, Mrs. M. E.; SMITH, Miss Annie; SPARKES, Mrs. Catherine A.; SQUIRE, Miss Alice; SQUIRE, Miss Emma; STARR, Miss Louisa; STIRLING, Miss Evangeline; STJERNSTEDTS, Madame; STOCKS, Katherine M.; STREET, Miss Kate; SUTCLIFFE, Miss Harriette; SUTHERLAND, Miss Fanny; SYKES, Miss M.; TAYLOR, Ada E.; TEKUSCH, Miss M.; THOMPSON, Miss Kate; THORNYCROFT, Miss Helen; THORNYCROFT, Miss Theresa G.; TIDDEMAN, Miss Florence; TREVOR, Miss Helen Mabel; TRIER, Mrs. Adeline; TURCK, Miss Eliza; VERNER, Miss Ida; WALKER, Miss Elizabeth; WALKER, Miss Marcella; WALLER, Mrs. Mary L. (Mrs. S. E.); WALLIS, Rosa; WALTERS, Miss A.; WARD, Mrs. Henrietta. (Mrs. E. M.); WARNER-SLEIGH, Mrs. Phill.; WATSON, Miss Rosalie M.; WATT, Miss Linnie; WATT, Miss. Linnie; WEBLING, Ethel; WEEKS [WEEKES], Miss Charlotte J.; WEST, Miss Blanche C.; WESTBROOK [WESTBROOKE], Miss Elizabeth; WHEELER-SMITH, Miss Olive Wheeler; WHEELER-SMITH, Miss Olive; WHIPPLE, Mrs. Agnes; WHITE, Miss Alice; WILLIAMS, Miss Emily.

The European Continent:

  • ANDERSON, Mrs. Sophie Gengembre. (Capri, Italy.)
  • AYRTON, Miss Annie. (Paris, France.)
  • BRESLAU, Mdme. Louise Catherine. (Paris.)
  • CARR, Miss Bessie. (Paris, France.)
  • CORDIER, Mdme. A. Delville. (Paris, France.)
  • DE COOL, Mdme. (Paris, France.)
  • DUNCAN, Miss Fanny. (Paris, France.)
  • HIGGINS, Miss C. (Rome, Italy.)
  • READSHAW, Miss Emily S. (Düsseldorf, Germany.)
  • VIGNON, C. (Mdme. Rouvier.) (Paris, France.)
  • WOOD, Miss Hortense. (Munich, Germany.)
  • WRIGHT, Miss Marian L. (Honfleur, France.)