Portrait of Emma Woods.

Label on back reads “Emma Woods (née King) / wife of Samuel Woods … / Born 1806 / Died 1896 / Painted 1895 Annie Swynnerton / RA.”

Images/photos: Mellor & Kirk/Jonathan Russell.

Anna Louisa Swynnerton ARA, RP (1844-1933) – Portrait of Emma Woods, bust length, in a black dress with gold brooch and lace cap, by a window, oil on canvas, 51 x 44cm, in the original gilt frame. / Emma Woods, nee King (1806-1896), was the wife of Samuel Woods (1808-1891), Quaker merchant. She was the daughter of Frederick Benjamin Lautenschlager who adopted the surname King (1781-1859), wholesale grocer, tea merchant and sugar refiner of London and his wife Emma Austin. / … Good original condition, unlined, beneath glass, never cleaned, no restoration. (Online catalogue description, Mellors & Kirk, Nottingham, 1 Jul 2022.)