Biographical snippets – earliest records

1855-1857 (Annie aged 11-13) – Annie doing watercolours – “… from eleven to thirteen years, Annie used to delight her playfellows, visitors to the house, and the servants with exhibitions of … water-colour drawings” (The Queen, 15 Mar 1890, p371).

4 May 1857 (Isabel aged 13) – Susan Dacre’s home, the Stamford Arms, Altringham, being used for a property auction – “at the House of Mrs. Susan Dacre [Isabel Dacre’s mother], known by the sign of the Stainford Arms, in Altringham, in the county of Chester, on Monday the 4th day of May, 1857, at half-past six o’clock in the evening … lots as may be agreed upon at the time …” (The Guardian, 24 Apr 1857).

The Stamford Arms, pre-redevelopment.

The Stamford Arms ceased trading in 2012, and after a period of dereliction was redeveloped and now trades as The Stamford Pub.

28-29 Dec 1864 (Annie aged 20) – The Robinson family trading at the Vale of Clwyd Hunt Ball, Denbigh – ‘… held in the Assembly Room [Denbigh, in aid of The Vale of Clwyd Hunt Ball] … Fifth stall, by Mrs. Robinson … a toilet pin cushion by Mrs. Robinson … A large knitted counterpane, diamond pattern, formed an object of special attraction at this stall. It was worked by Mrs. Robinson, and contained 800,000 stitches! It was sold by raffle … the ladies with invincible entreaties disposed of a vast quantity of goods” (North Wales Chronicle, 31 Dec 1864, p8).