Biographical snippets – 1910-1919

Feb 1912 – Isabel exhibiting ‘Italian pictures.’ An exhibition of pictures by Miss Isabel Dacre will be held at Walker’s Gallery,* New Bond-street, from March 4 to March 16. It is about nine years since her last exhibition here, and our opportunities to enjoy the work of this authentic artist have been very few. In Manchester, of course, you have one of her best figure pictures in the Mosely-street collection.**

* Founded c. 1890 by the dealer Augustus Joel Walker (1868-1965), at 118 New Bond Street, Manchester, closing in the early 1960. Specialised in solo exhibitions and later in it’s life, non-representational (‘abstract’) art.

** Unclear which picture is referred to. The Manchester gallery was in posession of four paintings by Isabel in 1912, Italian Child, Italian Girl with a necklace, Little Annie Rooney, and Portrait of Alderman Sir Thomas Baker.