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Oil Sketch of a Pony (thumbnail).jpg


1922 photograph (thumbnail)  A little boy with a Shetland Pony (thumbnail)  An Italian Mother and Child (thumbnail)

Crossing the Stream (thumbnail)  Head of a young man (thumbnail)  Lady wearing a white dress and holding a bouquet of roses (thumbnail)

Master and Man (thumbnail)  Maternité (attributed) (thumbnail)  Oleander (thumbnail)

Portrait of a boy (surrounded by gld) (thumbnail)  Portrait of a girl with curly hair (thumbnail)  Portrait of a lady (thumbnail)

Portrait of a lady by flowering Ivy (thumbnail)  Portrait of a Lady holding a flower (thumbnail)  Portrait of a young Italian man (thumbnail)

Roma Lady (thumbnail)  Study of a Young Girl (thumbnail)  Summer Idyll (thumbnail)

The Convalescent (thumbnail)  The Debutante (thumbnail)  The Dreamer (thumbnail)

The Letter (thumbnail)  The Southing of the Sun (thumbnail)  The Tryst (thumbnail)

The Vagrant (thumbnail)  Thro' the Orchard (thumbnail)  Half-portrait of a child with red hair - thumbnail

young girl in a white dress thumbnail


Assisi (thumbnail)  Capri (thumbnail)  Swynnerton, Annie Louisa, 1844-1933; Interior of San Miniato, Florence

Italian Lanscape (thumbnail)  Landscape with Trees (thumbnail)  Swynnerton, Annie Louisa, 1844-1933; Rain Clouds, Monte Gennaro

Siena (thumbnail)  Study of flowers in a meadow (thumbnail)  The Barren Fig (thumbnail)

The Bluebell Wood (thumbnail)  The Olive Gatherers (thumbnail)  Where Shattered Mountains Lie (thumbnail)



Bellhouse, Evelyn, daughter of Vernon (thumbnail)  Craies, Agathonike - Daughter of W. Craies Esq (thumbnail) 7774690032

Fawcett, Dame Millicent Garrett (thumbnail)  Fenwick, Charles (thumbnail)  Fenwick, David and Jonathan (thumbnail)

Fenwick, Violet Elizabeth (On the Terrace) (thumbnail)  Gaskill, The Reverend William (thumbnail)  Guthrie, Margaret and Chrystian (thumbnail)

Herringham, Geoffrey and Christopher  Hopton, Edward Michael (thumbnail)  Hopton, Guy William (thumbnail)

James, Henry (thumbnail)  Lewis, George, in a Garden (thumbnail)  Lilie, Daughter of W McGrath Esq (thumbnail)

Marter, Lady Mercy (thumbnail)  Musgrave, Florence H (thumbnail)  Philipps, Colwyn (thumbnail)

Scott-Elliot, Mrs A and Children (thumbnail)  Williamson, Elizabeth (thumbnail)  Swynnerton, Annie Louisa, 1844-1933; Miss Elizabeth Williamson on a Pony

Zouboff, Count (thumbnail)


Swynnerton, Annie Louisa, 1844-1933; Adoration of the Infant Christ  Cherubs Above the Sea (thumbnail)


Head of a Girl (thumbnail)  1931 photograph (thumbnail)  Copyright Glasgow Museums / Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Bacchante, Head of a (thumbnail)  Bacchante (mountains version) (thumbnail)  Bacchante (clouds version) (thumbnail)

Cupid and Psyche (thumbnail)  The Sense of Sight (thumbnail)  Oceanid (thumbnail)

Triumphant Mother by Annie Swynnerton, 1892  Illusions (thumbnail)  Joan of Arc (thumbnail)

Montagna Mia (thumbnail)  New Risen Hope (Tate) (thumbnail)  New Risen Hope (National Gallery of Victoria) (thumbnail)

Oreads (thumbnail)  Nude amongst foliage (thumbnail)  Nude in landscape (thumbnail)

Copyright Glasgow Museums / Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation  Girl with a Lamb (thumbnail)