Images: donated by owner and reproduced with permission.

  • Media: oil on canvas.
  • Dimensions: 470 x 735 mm (0.35 m²).
  • History: date unknown, but possibly c. 1920 by similarity to Flowers in a meadow, which itself may shortly predate the Equestrian portrait of Lady Mercy Greville); the name “Annie Swynnerton” is written on the back of the frame (does not appear to be Annie’s own handwriting); no evidence trail for attribution, but relates to an image visible in a 1923 exhibition photo (see below); bought 1995 by current owner in Snape, Suffolk.
  • Location: private collection.

The painting may have been owned by famed horticulultarist, suffrage campaigner and relative of women’s rights champion Millicent Garrett Fawcett, Fanny Rollo Wilkinson (1855-1951). Many of Annie’s paintings were owned by people involved in the suffrage campaign, often later being donated to public galleries. Fanny donated two paintings, The Dreamer and The Olive Gatherers, to Manchester Art Gallery in 1936, so evidently had paintings by Annie in her possession. In her later years, Fanny lived in Snape, Suffolk, where the current owner bought the picture in 1995. This picture could have therefore been in Fanny’s possession at the time of her death and remained in the village until it found its way into a shop there, where the current owner bought it in 1995.

Visible at the bottom right-hand corner in a photo taken at the 1923 exhibition of Annie’s works.


2 painting at bottom right of photo

Snape3 GIF

The light area at the bottom left of the black-and-white image is a blemish on the original photograph, not part of the painting. The current frame also appears to also be the same as in the 1923 photo.

The current owner also has Blue Seascape, and comments how similar the two are in execution and canvas.