Images: donated by owner and reproduced with permission.

  • Date: c. 1920 (by similarity to Flowers in a meadow which itself probably shortly predates the Equestrian portrait of Lady Mercy Marter).
  • Medium: oil on canvas.
  • Dimensions: 470 x 735 mm (0.35 m²).
  • History: bought 1995 by current owner; the name “Annie Swynnerton” is written on the back of the frame (does not appear to be Annie’s own handwriting); no evidence trail for attribution, but relates to an image visible in a 1923 exhibition photo (see below).
  • Location: private collection.

At the bottom right-hand corner of a photo taken at the 1923 exhibition of Annie’s works, part of an unknown painting is just visible. Rectifying and pasting this onto the ‘Landscape with figures‘ painting, the similarity becomes apparent.


2 painting at bottom right of photo

Snape3 GIF

The light area at the bottom left of the black-and-white image is a blemish on the original photograph, not part of the painting. The frame appears to be of similar design and proportions in both old and recent photos, so appears to be original.