The last recorded ‘Annie L. Robinson’ signature is from 1889 and the first ‘Annie L. Swynnerton’ 1890. In The Life and Works of Annie Louisa Swynnerton (Manchester Art Press 2018) it is stated that Annie and Joseph married in 6 July 1883, but not saying where this information comes from. Elswhere I have seen the date ‘1886’ or ‘date uncertain’ wtitten, so without evidence from a marriage register or other verifiable source, it can only be said they were married sometime in the mid- or late-1880s.

1874 Jebsa.jpg 1874 Jebsa.1878 the lady in white 1878 The lady in white.1879 the reverand william gaskill 1879 William Gaskill.1880 susan isabel sacre 1880 Susan Isabel Dacre.1880 the tryst 1880 The Tryst.1881 interior of san miniato 1881 San Miniato.1883 florence h musgrave 1883 Florence H. Musgrave.1883 oleander 1883 Oleander.1883 through the orchard 1883 Through the Orchard.1887 the dreamer 1887 The Dreamer.1890 guy william hopton 1890 Guy William Hopton.1891 the debutante 1891 The Debutante.1892 cupid and psyche 1892 Cupid and Psyche.1892 mater triumphalis 1892 Mater Triumphalis.1895 the sense of sight 1895 The Sense of Sight.1903 head of a bacchante 1903 Head of a Bacchante.1904 letter to hugh lane 1904 Letter to Hugh Lane.1904 new-risen hope (melbourne) 1904 Hope (Melbourne)1904 new-risen hope (tate) 1904 Hope (Tate)1904 oceanid 1904 Oceanid.1904 rain clouds, monte gennaro 1904 Rain clouds.1905 master and man 1905 Master and Man.1906 elizabeth williamson at wemmergill 1906 Elizabeth Williamson.1906 elizabeth williamson 1906 Elizabeth Williamson.1907 letter to flora lion 1907 Letter to Flora Lion.1907 letter to hugh lane 1907 Letter to Hugh Lane.1907 margaret and chrystian guthrie 1907 Margaret & Chrystian.1911 henry james 1911 Henry James.1911 the southing of the sun 1911 Southing of the Sun.1912 evelyn 1912 Evelyn.1912 mrs a scott-elliot and children 1912 Mrs A Scott-Elliot.1930 study of a young girl 1930 Lady Mercy Marter.