Images: Rosebery’s, London

The 1934 posthumous studio sale catalogue mentions “Lot 70. A Distant View of the Sabines. 22 x 19½ inches (55.9 x 49.5 cm). Exhibited Huddersfield.”  The size given is 20% smaller than that indicated in a 2018 auction catalogue, but other painting sizes given in the old catalogue are often incorrect when compared to known paintings sizes. The proportions are similar.

On the reverse the words ‘Swynnerton’ and ‘Distant View of the Sabines’ are written. The name and title being written together strengthens the case of the attribution as that information is unlikely to have been known to previous owners unless genuinely one of Annie’s works. However, being without a firm provenance it has to be ‘attributed,’ but I’m personally confident it is by Annie.

The colour scheme resembles Where Shattered Mountains Lie.

  • Medium: oil on canvas laid down on board.
  • Dimensions: 712 x 601 mm (0.43 m²), unframed.
  • History: 1934 posthumous studio sale catalogue, “Lot 70 … A Distant View of the Sabines … Exhibited Huddersfield.”; sold by auction at Rosebery’s, £280 (£357 with fees), 15 Nov 2018.
  • Location: unknown.