Site continuation / ‘Thoughts’ and ‘The Unrelenting Past’ are the same work

THANK YOU to all the people who have contacted me since I stated I was winding down the web site. I feel really quite humbled by how many have said they value the site and information.

I still feel that researchers based in academic institutions are better placed to further explore Annie’s life and works, with myself having reached the limit of what a private individual can do. I worry that too much personal guesswork based on limited resources could confuse, rather than clarify situations. The item below is an example, the information having been received from a professional art historian and researcher.

I’ll therefore continue with the ‘news’ postings (as well as auction announcements), but at a much reduced frequency – on the first of each month and only if there is something especially significant to report.

THOUGHTS and THE UNRELENTING PAST have turned out to be the same work. The painting was sold under the title ‘Thoughts’ in 1913 to The National Gallery of Canada, Ottowa, and given the alternative title ‘The Unrelenting Past’. An archival image from the gallery confirms that the work they hold is the same as that in an old black and white photograph of part of the McCulloch collection.

One has to add the caveat these facts are almost certain. There’s always a chance Annie painted more than one copy of some works or that titles got mixed up, especially where newspaper reports are involved, but the sources appear sound in this case. [Thank you E. M. for the information.]

Jonathan Russell

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