Ending site maintainance.

Having studied Annie’s works closely for five years, very intensively at times, I have decided to cease maintaining the site. I am very pleased to have had a part in raising Annie’s profile, but others must continue that journey now.

The site will not disappear, it will become a set of static pages. Additions to the site will continue, but at a much reduced level and I will not be creating any more detailed pages (unless there are exceptional discoveries). I will continue to announce auction appearances as I become aware of them.

Thank you to all who have made contributions and shown interest, especially Alastair and Grant. Favourite memories included the comments (7th/11th Dec 2021) made on the Portrait of Lady Mercy Greville, the correspondent saying his memory was failing these days but finding the web site helped recall some very special times. Another was being invited to a theatrical production in Manchester based partly on something posted – the play never reached full production (not least because of the onset of covid), but best regards to Victoria, Julie and everyone else involved.

If I was to wish something for the future, it would simply be for more of Annie’s works to be rediscovered and made available for public display, and also those of her friend Susan Isabel Dacre who I think was a quite extraordary artist and deserving of better recognition.

There are always unanswered questions. Is the Portrait of a Boy surrounded by gold really by Annie? A friend once said “That looks like Millais” before learning the work was attributed to Annie, and someone else pointed out Annie and Millais were in the same studio block at one time. Who did paint The Glow Worm? What’s the full story behind A Dream of Italy? Just where is Joan of Arc?

Thank you, Jonathan Russell.

I can be always be contacted at: swynnerton.blog@gmail.com.

8 thoughts on “Ending site maintainance.

  1. John Evans

    Thank you so much for your posts on Annie Swynnerton which I have followed with interest. Your hard work in this field is much appreciated.
    Enjoy your retirement. John Evans.

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      1. John Evans

        That is good to hear. Never retire, always have something to do. I am 95 and every morning I make a list of “things to do”. I rarely finish all of them. All the best, John.

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      2. Ha ha! Totally approve. I read once that Benjamin Franklin used a similar method, writing a daily list of things he had to do. If anything was left at the end of the day he simply throw the list away and start a new one the next day.


      3. Good luck with whatever comes next Jonathan, and thank you for the amazing work you’ve done on Annie’s life and art. Your site really has been an invaluable research tool, both for me personally and in my capacity as editor of the Swinnerton Saga family history magazine.

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  2. Many, many thanks, Jonathan, for your hard work in raising the profile of ALS. The pages on this site are all fascinating – and, like you, I hope will lead to the discovery of more of her work.
    Best wishes for all future ventures

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  3. Grant Waters

    Dear Jonathan,

    Thank you for your mail this morning about discontinuing the website maintenance. I am sorry to hear that but I and others will quite understand that it is a heavy drain on your time and that there are other things one needs to deal with on a day to day basis.

    I would just like to thank you most sincerely for all the hard work you have done and for your promotion of the work of both Annie and Susan Isabel Dacre. It has been very interesting and quite important in the context of our understanding of the work of these two hitherto neglected artists.

    With thanks and best wishes for the future,


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