‘Biographical snippets’ complete / The Attic Club / London Society of Women Artists / typographical errors

Included in the above is a note on the purchase of Dacre’s Italian Women in Church. She is mentioned as President of The Attic Club, a Manchester body, which appears to have been an evolution of the Manchester Society of Women Painters active in the 1920s and ’30s.

I’ve only very limited information on the Manchester The Attic Club (not to be confused with others clubs of the same name in other places, some active today). If anyone reading this has more info or wants do some research, I’d love to include that information on this site.

I’ve never touched on the London-based Society of Women Artists, founded as the ‘Society of Female Artists’ in 1855, renamed ‘Society of Lady Artists’ in 1874 and ‘Society of Women Artists’ in 1912, and which is still active today. It has an important place in art history, but I’m not aware of Annie having any direct connection with it. Early records of the society’s activity are rather scarce and much archive material was lost or destroyed during World War II. There could be some interesting research to be done, but is generally outside the scope of this web site.

Due to a large amount of of transcribing of newspaper articles, etc., there are probably a number of typographical errors in recent additions to this site. Do let me know if you spot any: swynnerton.blog@gmail.com.

I recently spotted a long-standing typo by myself, now corrected, stating Annie was elected to the Academy in 1923. It was, of course, 1922. Also corrected is the title of Italian Women in Church, which I had been calling Two Italian Women in Church, but in all original references the shorter title is used.

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