NOT Austen, but Atkinson, a 135-year-old misprint! / Newly discovered image – ‘Manx Maid’

THANKS AGAIN to Julie. After further investigation she determined that the work referred to as a portrait of ‘Miss Jane Austen’ in an 1887 publication should have been correctly titled ‘Portrait of Miss Jane Atkinson’ – somehow the wrong surname had been used. (To avoid potential misinformation, I have deleted my blog post suggesting Annie had painted a portrait of Jane Austen.)

Jane Atkinson was one of the main founding members of the Manchester Society of Women Painters in 1880. Newspaper snippets mention her being assistant secretary [1] and also that she was painting in Clovelly, Devon, with Annie and Isabel in spring 1882. [2]

The publication which helped Julie identify the error, Grosvenor Notes 1887, also references a work by Annie called Manx Maid, with an illustration.

This brings the total number of works by Annie for which there is a good-sized image to 122 (four or so of uncertain attribution), plus 13 for which there are only small, blurred images.

Also illustrated is a sculpture by Annie’s husband, Joseph, called Maternal Love, which is of a more intimate nature than his usual public work.

Thank you, Julie.


  1. The Guardian, 28 Sep 1880.
  2. The Artist and Journal of Home Culture, 1 Jul 1882, p209.

2 thoughts on “NOT Austen, but Atkinson, a 135-year-old misprint! / Newly discovered image – ‘Manx Maid’

    1. Yes. I never noticed that. Now I look, the model for The Dreamer and The Convalescent (and Manx Maid?) look very similar. I.e., the same person?. I even wonder if it could be Isabel, although I think the nose shape is slightly different. What a shame there’s no photo of Isabel Dacre.


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