Dacre’s ‘Portrait of a girl wearing a bonnet’ sold / 1880s complete

THE PORTRAIT OF A GIRL WEARING A BONNET sold at auction yesterday (22 September) at Ewbank’s, nr. Guildford, Surrey.

Interesting couple of labels on the back …

  • The painting was exhibited at the Manchester Academy of Arts Jubilee Exhibition, June 1909, marking the fiftieth anniversary of the institutions founding.
  • The address 10 Acombe Street, Manchester (a road with today runs through the university grounds) is given by Isabel’s name on the back.
  • The painting is priced at £42, which equates to £3,500 at todays value according to the Bank of England inflation calculator.
  • The title appears to be ‘A Morning call in the Fifties,’ but it remains ‘Portrait of a girl wearing a bonnet‘ on this web site because I’d prefer confirmation, e.g. from a 1909 exhibition catalogue if such a thing exists, for this slightly strange-sounding title.

Many thanks to the staff at Ewbank’s for their assistance.

THE ‘BIOGRAPHICAL SNIPPETS’ for the 1880s is complete. Curiously nothing after 1883, the next item I have being from 1890. Dated works by Annie and Isabel are absent during the mid 1800s, perhaps a bit of a hiatus due to Annie setting up home in Italy.

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