New work by Susan Isabel Dacre – ‘Portrait of a girl wearing a bonnet’ – at auction.

A previously unknown piece by Isabel Dacre will be for sale by auction at Ewbank’s, nr Guildford, Surrey, on 22nd September, Portrait of a girl wearing a bonnet. This brings the total number of works by Isabel for which an image is known to thirty-seven.

For new visitors to this site – Isabel (she was known by her middle name) and Annie were close friends from the time they met at art school, studying, travelling and working together in England and on the continent. In the earlier part of their careers Isabel was the most highly praised of the two, exhibiting regularly at the Royal Academy and elsewhere. Later in their lives, Annie came to the fore, especially with her symbolist work, Isabel rarely exhibiting after 1920. Like Annie, Isabel has been virtually forgotten today.

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