Note on Mater Triumphalis / Dacre at the Paris Salon / ‘Ottoman Scene’ unsold

FOUND A NOTE ON Mater Triumphalis in the original Musée National du Luxembourg gallery catalogue, published in 1915:

Grande figure neu, debout, de face, les bras élevés, au-dessis de la téte et de l.épaule droit, dans une sorte “gloire” formée par un arc-en-ceil, dans l’azur intense et profound. A ses pieds, une coupe doreé pleine de petits coquillages; derrière elle, confondue avec le ciel, la mer dont le flot vient déferler doucement sur le sable. Une petit figure ailée se devine qui parait murmurer a gauche, dans l’oreille.

Large nude figure, standing, facing, arms raised, above the head and the right shoulder in a kind of “glory” formed by a rainbow, in the intense and deep azure. At her feet, a golden cup full of small shells; behind her, confused with the sky, the sea whose waves come to break gently on the sand. A small winged figure can be discerned at the left which seems to be whispering in the ear.

The ‘winged figure’ does not have quite enough form or detail to identify what is represented – a dove?

SUSAN ISABEL DACRE had exhibits at the Salon, Paris, from 1879 to 1882. The Salon was the exhibition of the Académie des Beaux-Arts (the French equivalent of the Royal Academy), her works were being shown alongside those of such venerated artists as Boudin, Bouguereau, Cezanne, Daubigny and Manet, showing what high regard her works were held in. There is no record in the catalogues of Annie ever having works exhibited there.

1879 – Marietta.
1880 – Portrait de M. le colonel Wolberg (= Portrait of Colonel Volbert?). The title is listed twice, so either there were two versions or this was a printing error – the catalogues are rather rich in typographical and spelling errors.

1881 – Portrait de Mme. F. W.
1882 – Portrait de M. S… / Portrait de capitaine G…

Source: Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

THE FREDERICK SWYNNERTON painting, ‘Ottoman Scene’, failed to sell at auction 30 July, reaching $750 (£615), but this evidently being below the reserve.

Jonathan Russell

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