‘View along a garden path’ at auction.

This work has appeared for auction at Woolley and Wallace, Salisbury, 31st May:

The signature on the back, as indistinct as it is, does look very much to be Annie’s, with her typical round ‘A’ and final ‘t’ like an upsidedown ‘L.’

A note on the back says the view is of a location in Rottingdean, near Brighton. Rottingdean was the home of Annie’s friend and champion Edward Burne-Jones and his wife Georgiana from 1880 onwards. The latter became Lady Burne-Jones in 1894, or just Lady Jones (the surname was not originally hyphenated), so I do wonder if the dedication on the back could be “To Lady Jones,” but the inscription is too illegible. The auction house reads it as “To Lady L**rs.”

Assuming it is Rottingdean, the ‘mountain’ in the auctioneer’s description could be Beacon Hill, on the seaward side of town, or any of the hills nearby.

A page for the work has been created HERE.

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