A ‘new’ work – A winged soldier comforting a boy

Have obtained a copy of the 1999 Christie’s catalogue for The El Helou Collection, and it has illustrated the two works by Annie which were in the auction, A Study of Hands, which is confirmed as the work already known to this site, and one with the title An allegorical scene – A winged soldier comforting a boy.

The catalogue adds …

… with later inscription ‘Allegorical subject/by/Annie L. Swynnerton ARA/found in her studio in Rome/and sent to London in 1936’ on the reverse

oil on canvas, unlined

60¼ x 43½in (153 x 110.5 cm).

So, another armored, winged heroine, but what message or emotion was Annie trying to express here?

Both works are mentioned in an article in the Independent about Anissa Helou’s decision to sell off her collection that year …

The guest bedroom on the first landing is dominated by an Annie Louisa Swynnerton painting of a winged soldier (in the workroom upstairs is the more evocative Study of Hands by the same artist) (www.independent.co.uk).

The article is dated 2011, but that must be a web page error as the sale referred to was over ten years earlier.

I’ll add the image and it’s details to the web site properly in due course.

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