Another ‘new’ Dacre painting.

LOOKING THROUGH newspaper archives, discovered this image of a painting by Isabel, titled ‘Wetherlam from Little Langdale‘. Not the best quality, but good enough to get a fair idea of this otherwise untraced work.

Image: The Guardian, 21 Mar 1925.

The place from where the scene was painted is unclear, possibly somewhere on the east side of Little Langdale village (NY318032). Wetherlam (2503ft/763m) is the prominant peak on the left of the picture, with Great Carrs (2575ft/785m) to the right. The higher peak of Swirl How (2633ft/802m) is hidden behind Wetherlam. Isabel has slightly exagerrated the vertical elevation or ‘pointiness’ of the hills.

This brings the total number of paintings by Isabel for which images are known to thirty-four. Nineteen portraits and other figurate works (including one attributed), fourteen landscapes and cityscapes, and her study ‘Swans.’

Jonathan Russell

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