An appeal …

It’s been a wonderful journey studying Annie and her circle, not least because it has led to the discovery of four previously completely unknown works, the identification of others previously known only by name (including finding the correct titles for two images in public galleries), and the some new understanding and original research on the history of some of Annie’s works.

Nude in Landscape – an otherwise unknown work detailed on this web site (with owner’s permission). This is probably a trial sketch, unusually in her symbolist style, for either a lost or never-completed work, or perhaps an unfinished painting in itself.

The internet hosting fees for this web site, £87, are due in two weeks time. Although I will pay the fees myself for one more year, as someone of a low income I really could use some help. Without the fees this website’s name would revert to, lose some of it’s features, have advertising banners appear and become lower-ranked in search engine results.

Buy Me A Coffee

By clicking the banner above, you’ll be taken to a page where can choose a donation amount (£3-£15 by clicking the buttons, or put in an amount of your choice in the box). In the unlikely event of the total going above £87 pounds, I’ll remove all the ‘Buy me a coffee’ links and donate any surplus to Manchester Art Gallery, where the majority of Annie’s known works are housed.

Thank you, Jonathan Russell.

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