Pages for new images / Dacre on Ebay

PAGES HAVE BEEN CREATED for the four new images kindly provided by Grant Waters:


TWO PAINTINGS by Annie’s life-long friend, S. Isabel Dacre, have been readvertised on Ebay by Richard Taylor Fine Art:

  • Siena – but incorrectly titled ‘Sienna’ on the web site. The correct name for the Italian city is Siena, Sienna being a reddish-brown artist’s pigment. The name of the pigment does originate historically with an old spelling of the city’s name, Terra de Sienna (‘earth of Siena’), but the city name spelling became standardised with one letter N from the late 1800s onwards. (Oxford English Dictionary.)
  • Landscape with figures and donkeys – titled ‘Spanish Landscape,’ although I’m uncertain about the geographic identification of the landscape myself.


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