Four new images …

Thanks again to Grant Waters for unearthing more otherwise unknown images of Annie’s works from his collection of Royal Academy catalogues. The names of the paintings, with year exhibited, are A Breath of Spring (1926), My Lady Barbara (1925), The Reverie (1925) and The Passing of Rain (1928).

The images are black-and-white, but I’ve had a go at colourizing the landscape – very pleased to see the latter as so few of her landscapes are known.




Rather busy at work, but I’ll create individual pages with full details for these new images in a while.


As a care worker experiencing the crisis first hand and with Covid-19 now circulating everywhere, I want to add my voice to the plea for people to STAY HOME, except for essentials and a bit of safe excercise, and ALWAYS SOCIALLY DISTANCE.

It means losing freedoms we’re normally used to, but others are losing their health and their lives. Don’t add to the toll. Save lives, STAY HOME.


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