Dacre exhibitions / brooch

A COUPLE MORE REFERENCES to exhibitions devoted entirely to Annie’s friend, S. Isabel Dacre, or which included her as one of small select group.

  • November 1898 – Exhibition at 10 South King Street, Manchester, by Susan Isabel Dacre, F. Monkhouse and F. Sugars.
  • December 1901 – Grundy and Smith’s, Manchester, an exhibition of fifteen landscapes by Susan Isabel Dacre.

These in addition to the exhibition at Walker’s Art Gallery, Manchester, of Susan’s ‘Little Pictures of Italy,’ March 1912.

Isabel very much appears to be a gifted but largely neglected artist in modern times, having had an equal number of pictures to Annie, slightly more in fact, accepted into Royal Academy exhibitions in the earlier part of their careers. She rarely exhibited after the Great War.

Details of what information I have so far is on the ‘exhibitions‘ page.

IN ‘THE STUDIO’, volume eighty-two, published in 1924 (i.e., just after her admission to the Royal Academy), there is a captioned picture of a brooch presented to Annie, but without further comment, by students of Manchester School of Art. A ship in full sale is a feature of the Manchester coat-of-arms. Note that the image was printed upside-down!


My best regards to everybody during this extraordinary and difficult time. Wishing you all well, Jonathan Russell.

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