A list of all the works that Annie and her husband, Joseph, exhibited at the Royal Academy is now on this site, accessed from the ‘Exhibitions’ page. The information is taken from the RA catalogue collection. Click here for the list.

It may clarify some works’ titles: The Tryst is The Factory Girl’s Tryst, Little Visitors may have been called The Visit, and the Violet Elizabeth Fenwick portrait appears to have been called simply Mrs Fenwick. Unfortulately there often isn’t enough information to be certain whether the currently known works are being referred to. Annie painting multiple versions of some subjects, or may have been exhibiting preparatory studies or completely different works. There are no sizes, descriptions or images of the works in the catalogues.

Interesting to see the changes in address of Annie and Joseph throughout their careers, and that they exhibited together in 1883 and 1902.


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