S. Isabel Dacre pages complete / Colwyn E. A. Philipps / web site notes

THE SECTION on S. Isabel Dacre, Annie’s life-long friend, has been expanded, with individual pages and better images for each of her paintings. There are just thirty works known by image, including one ‘attributed.’ There were only twenty-eight, but one lost work (A Young Violinist) and another completely unknown (Choir of Children) turned up at auction recently. One more has possibly been located in a collection up north – hope to have news soon on this.

Interesting to note that in the Database of Modern Exhibitions (DoME), 1905-1915, Isabel is represented by fourteen works on display at the New English Art Club, almost all landscapes, against Annie’s six. She was clearly well-regarded.

The new pages can be accessed from the SUSAN ISABEL DACRE link at the top of each page.

SLIGHTLY IMPROVED image for Annie’s Portrait of Colwyn E. A. Philipps from a 2004 catalogue – the painting was evidently in the hands of the Maas Gallery, London, at that time.


IN LINE with the non-commercial ethos of this web site, I’ve removed all references to auction or other vendor sale prices.

I’VE DECIDED to make the watermarks on pictures more prominent. Slightly annoying to have to do this, but necessary to prevent other web sites copying the images easily and using them for commercial purposes.


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