St. Martin’s Summer.

A visitor to the National Gallery of Canada kindly forwarded me a black-and-white image of St. Martin’s Summer from the gallery’s ‘curatorial files.’ I’m uncertain about copyright issues here, but in order to give an idea of the work here is a pixelized version to give an idea of the image.


The work is seen to be another of Annie’s strong, winged female figures. A rainbow (the curved, diffuse, pale line in the bottom right quarter of the picture) arcs behind the wing to the left of the figure.

Similar rainbows occur in Mater Triumphalis (1892), Joan of Arc (1900-1905), New-risen Hope (Melbourne, 1904) and The Oreades (1907).

The gallery does intend, eventually, for an image of every work in their collection to be available online, but there are many works in storage so that will take a long time.

Jonathan Russell

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