Improved images for Mater Triumphalis and Summer Idyll

Discovered some improved images on the web of Mater Triumphalis and Summer Idyll.



Mater Triumphalis, Annie Swynnerton, 1892

The images of Mater Triumphalis shows, I think, wings in the background and Annie’s rainbow motif, but still unclear about the contents of the dish at her feet.



Only had a very low resolution image of Summer Idyll before, but found a better one at, which, although not great, shows this to be one of the more generic portraits – not Annie at her best, I’d say, the various elements appearing superimposed collage fashion, as in the Equestrian Portrait of Lady Mercy Greville. The field in both these works may to be based on Annie’s Study of flowers in a meadow, although the likeness could be coincidence.

Jonathan Russell

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